The Journey of Employee Overseas Deployment

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As a company, our success is defined not just by the number of projects we have managed to win but also how successfully we have accomplished it with a maximum margin of profit. End of the day, we are all profit-oriented entities. While customer satisfaction is one of the primary goals, the balance sheet is what we need to look at to see where we stand in the bigger scheme of things.

On the journey to complete a project overseas, various factors need to be considered. Overseeing of even one aspect could prove catastrophic not just to the project but the reputation of the concerned employee and the future of the company as well. We realised this early in the game.

One of our first projects was in Dubai. We were very excited to have landed a good deal in what we believe is the land of opportunities. Ignorance is a word more appropriate in this scenario than error. As a professional IT startup, we knew all that was required concerning the necessary software and the number of resources needed to complete the project. Where we did make a mistake was in the budget. We grossly underestimated the expenses that could occur during the three-month stay of our staff in the UAE.

What resulted was that we could not go back to the client with an increased cost. We bore the extra expenses, but we learnt a big lesson. As an IT expert, we knew what we had to do. Concerning other aspects of deployment, we happily accepted that we were in new territory and handed over the reins to a professional expert who took care of all the details.

We are now truly aware of the ongoings of deployment. Where we did need much help was acclimatising the employee to the new environment. Since he needs to concentrate on the project at hand, the other activities that become part of his stay must be taken care of in a smooth manner. He cannot afford to run around with bank documents and proving himself to customs. The project cannot get completed with perfection with a sword hanging over his head.

We were introduced to Future Focus Infotech, and we had a thorough talk with them about what will be taken care of at their end concerning the deployment of our employee overseas. We were very impressed with the level of intricacy that they paid attention to and to what extent they go to, to avoid inconvenience to the employee.

The first step is the induction. They speak to the employee on every activity that he has to complete not just after crossing borders but while on the homeland. This includes documentation, relevant medical tests and attestations required on the travel papers. They also noted down details such as emergency contacts that one would easily overlook. Background services of the staff to be deployed is also performed on request.

Different countries have different kinds of visas for separate occasions. Future Focus Infotech offers special consultation services that help the company and the employee procure the right visa the right way.

Documentation is another significant process. It is more than a passport and a visa. It includes papers to prove that you have completed the necessary medical tests and have the right bank balance. The induction process with Future Focus Infotech enlightened us with everything that we need to do before we even apply for the visa.

It is vital for the employee to know that even though he has completed all the relevant processes and had all the documents, he must have the important ones in his possession at all times. At any point, he must not be caught unawares leading to uncomfortable situations.

Informing the employee with all the data concerning his remuneration, payroll details, etc. creates a sense of transparency and a feeling of trust between the employee and the onsite employer.

After reaching the new country, the employee is received at the airport and informed of everything that he needs to know to live comfortably. He is shown the possible residential places and nearby locations such as banks and hospitals. Living alone in a foreign land can be hard for an employee. This act is vital to his convenience.

In case of emergencies or inability of the employee to complete his project, GOLHS offers replacement services so that the project is not affected. This, from a company’s point of view, comes as a significant relief.

LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, the employee is introduced to the partner in the local region. He knows that where there are no friends and family, there is one particular face that he can resort to in case of emergency. That is the beauty of enlisting the services of a professional staffing partner. With every other non-project activity taken care of, the employee can concentrate on what truly matters – the very purpose of his trip onsite.

A staffing partner takes care of more than just paperwork. It is an end-to-end service provided by the expert to ensure that the deployment is a smooth and hassle-free journey. Get the right staffing partner and complete your project successfully.

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