How to Overcome Legal Constraints While Allocating Human Resources Across Various Geographies

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Do you let go of opportunities because of your perceived inability to send resources to project locations? Secondment services by Future Focus Infotech is a functional way to make things right.

What is Secondment?

Secondment, also known as PEO Outsourcing (professional employer organisation) is a process where a staffing partner like Future Focus Infotech helps a company place its employee in a different country or location where the company may not have its presence or cannot directly deploy its employees. Secondment has a broad range of services including visa processing, relocation logistics, HR / Payroll processing, amongst others to choose from. The company can select one or more Secondment services depending on its need.

Let us delve deeper into understanding the above definition with an example. A system integration company (SI) had won a project for a global ERP implementation, which involved deploying people across US, Europe and the Middle East. The system integrator did not have a presence in the Middle East and was not familiar with the local visa and HR regulation. Future Focus Infotech helped them second their employees to Future Focus Infotech (FFI) which has an extensive local presence in the Middle East region, and FFI deployed them for projects at the SI’s client location in the Middle East. During the tenure of the project, FFI managed HR and Payroll requirements of the SI employees, and they were back with the SI on completion of the project.

Several projects are continually being undertaken in different parts of the world and require the deployment of skilled professionals to complete assigned tasks on time. It may not be possible to deploy suitable employees identified for the project due to visa regulations or other legal limitations. In such cases, these employees are seconded to a different organisation that will deploy them on your behalf through a co-employment contract that is a qualified legal arrangement till the project is complete. Once they complete their assignment, they return to their original company, role and geography and continue their service.

However, all these procedures involve legal processing and trustworthy partnerships with local co-ordinators. Getting all of this sorted and planned for every employee is quite cumbersome and tedious. Hence, companies who have the right talent miss out on opportunities to deploy them on projects at different geographies due to legal hassles.

Here’s where an efficient staffing partner comes to your rescue. Future Focus Infotech works as a regional partner to assist your company in processing visa documents and obtaining necessary approvals from specific countries where projects are undertaken. The services include HR, Payroll, logistics, accommodation and everything else that an employee may need during Secondment.

Industry standard non-compete and non-solicit policies offer protection to the company seconding employees through another company for the project.

Now that the service definition is clear let us understand the benefits that this scheme offers to enterprises as well as the seconded candidates.

How will you benefit as an enterprise?

  • As stated earlier, Secondment involves various documentation and procedures on legal and compliance front. All these processes are taken care of by your staffing partner while your company can focus on your project execution.
  • As a huge organisation, you can extend partnerships with other companies to take on projects in several geographies without any limitation of staffing. You have the talent, and we have the resources to deploy that talent at the right place, at the right time.
  • With growing partnerships, be assured of a growing bank balance as well. Secondment gives you the opportunity to expand your business without petty hurdles.
  • Monthly payroll will be processed by the organisation, and the visa partner will do the payout of the salary to the consultant/employee. Companies like Future Focus Infotech work as the perfect gateway to get all the financial matters sorted correctly and in time.
  • A team of experts will smoothly manage onboarding and Invoicing of all employees on Secondment.

As a staffing company we know that employees drie your business and Secondment offers great opportunities for you to keep your employees happy. Here’s how –

  • Your employees get an opportunity to explore various roles and projects within the same organisation
  • This is an excellent chance for them to work on different software and environments and nurture their career profiles in a smart way
  • Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to travel around the world through work? Secondment offers global experiences to employees to build their personal and professional lives simultaneously
  • How about making strong connections with peers and influential professionals from around the world? Secondment gives your valued employees the option of building good networks for their future endeavours
  • Last but not the least, secondment provides immense knowledge in their field of interest and enhances their professional personality to a considerable extent

Ultimately, happy employees lead to a happy and healthy organisation. And that’s what Future Focus Infotech, as a staffing partner strives to achieve.

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