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Entering a country of which you are not a citizen requires a lot of paperwork that needs to be submitted. It must be noted that the purpose of the visit plays a big role while submitting the paper work. When it comes to working in the UAE especially, extra caution must be taken to ensure that everything is in order. It is not just the employee’s reputation that is at stake but the company in which he works for as well. Get the UAE Work Visa by following all the procedures to the T. A small mistake and it could takes years to repair the damage caused.

UAE Work Visa

Be it short term or long, assignments in UAE require the right work permits to enable an employee to work legally in the region. The process to obtain the work permit, also known as labour card, must be executed to the T to ensure that there are no lapses. Read here to know more about the journey


An offer letter is critical to the application of a work visa in the UAE. Ensure that these papers are in place before embarking on the below 7 steps to get the UAE work visa.

Details in the offer letter should include

  • Job Description
  • Basic and total salary
  • Additional benefits, hours of work
  • Date of employment and tenure

Both parties must sign the job offer letter for it to be validated. Alterations are not allowed without the explicit permission of both parties. Changes must not violate the local law and the rights of the employer / employee. Incorrect data imposes a fine of AED 20,000 on the employer and will be payable to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation.

Step One

Is it a Free Zone?

In UAE, you must first see if the location where you are being posted is a free zone or not. Visa can be obtained on entry for employment outside of the free zone. This visa can be picked up prior to immigration and is valid for 60 days while the processing of work permit takes place.

Step Two

Signing of the offer letter

An English and Arabic version of the job offer contract must be signed by the employee and returned to the employer. This is reviewed by the Ministry of Labour.

Step Three

ID application for UAE

Employee must apply for the ID / biometrics at the Emirates ID Centre taking along the original and valid passport and work permit issued.

Step Four


Updated regulations mandate insurance for all expats without which a work permit cannot be issued or renewed. A valid medical health insurance card must be declared.

Step Five

Residence Visa

The work visa permits the employee to work legally in the region. A residence visa is required for the expat worker and his family to reside legally. This visa is also mandatory to open bank accounts and avail other facilities such as car loans, etc.

Step Six

Documents required for Labor Card (UAE Work Visa)

  • Applicant’s photographs
  • Residency Visa
  • Valid Passport (minimum six month validity required) and clear scanned copies
  • Passport size photographs – 4.3 x 5.5cm. White background. At least 80% of your face must be visible.
  • Valid health certificate
  • Three copies of the employment contract – one for the employer, one for the employee and one for the Ministry of Labor
  • If the sponsor is a UAE Government employee – a salary certificate
  • Education certificates and other evidence of professional qualifications
  • Sponsoring company’s valid trade license

Optional documents:

  • If you have traveled to UAE within the past year, a copy of the entry and exit stamps on your passport
  • If you have traveled to the USA, UK, Schengen countries, Canada, Russia, Australia or New Zealand within the past 5 years, submit a copy of your visas.

Step Seven

Visit the Department of Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD) with all the supporting documents and the visa can be stamped on the employee’s passport.

Thus, with the Emirates ID, work permit and residence visa, an expat can live and work comfortably.

With fantastic living conditions, ability to save money and a consistently growing economy, UAE is one of the most lucrative regions in the world to work in. With the expo 2020 coming up, there are all the more reason for one to consider moving there. If UAE is on the cards, talk to a global employment agency now and look for opportunities. Get your UAE Work Visa and bring yourselves to the much envied platform.

An important point to be considered

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Internal payroll mandates establishment expenses, legal counsel as per employment laws. Outsourced payroll will ensure that filing, legal commitments are given to partner who has experience in these areas.

Global expansion is most definitely something you should think about, if you haven’t already.

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