Privacy Policy

Future Focus Infotech Pvt. Ltd. (the “Company”) acknowledges that it has an important duty as a business enterprise to protect the personal information provided by you to the Company. The Company will make every effort to protect such personal information through the accurate and safe handling thereof in accordance with this Privacy Policy as well as the laws and regulations applicable to personal information and related guidelines.

1. Collection of Personal Information

The Company may collect your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, visa status, work history and other information provided in your resume etc. Such information will be collected only to the extent necessary for the purposes of use listed in Section 3 below, and only directly from you or from third parties* with your consent or by fair and appropriate means.

For sensitive personal information such as race, beliefs, medical history, criminal record, sexual orientation and activities relating to labor union, the Company will not collect such personal information unless it is directly collected with your consent or prescribed by laws and regulations.

*The collection from third parties includes obtaining publicly available information (company information, industry information, specialized magazines, books, the Internet, etc.) and receiving information in good faith from the reputable people in the relevant industries etc.

2. Management of Personal Information

The Company has established internal information management systems and database management procedures. The said system takes required & appropriate safety measures to protect the collected personal information against the risk of unauthorized access as well as the risk of loss, leakage, destruction, tampering, etc., of such personal information. The Company has also taken an appropriate action to ensure the secure traceability of access to personal information.

3. Purposes of Use of Personal Information

The Company uses personal information for the following purposes:

If any personal information is to be used outside the scope of the above purposes, then the Company shall notify you in writing or by any alternative means, and proceed such use only after obtaining your consent.

The collected personal information will not be disclosed or provided to companies seeking workers or any third party without your consent. However, the personal information may be provided without the individual’s prior consent in the following circumstances.

4. Sharing of Personal Information

The Company may share and jointly utilize the collected personal information with en Japan. (the parent company in Japan) as follows:

The Company strives to keep the personal information accurate and up-to-date at all times. With respect to changing, disclosing, correcting, adding and/or deleting any personal information entrusted to the Company, discontinuance of any personal information by the Company, or in case of any questions regarding such personal information, the principal should get in touch with the contact desk below and/or the consultant in charge. The Company will take the necessary procedures accordingly only if it can confirm that the requester is the principal (if the Company makes any corrections or deletions, the Company will notify the principal in a reasonable and appropriate manner).

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“Contact Desk: Legal Department”

The Company will not return documents provided to it in order to receive Our Services to either the registrants or any third party under any circumstances. The Company may remove the personal information of registrants from its files without obtaining prior consent if it determines that such information no longer needs to be kept

5. Changes in the Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy without obtaining prior consent from you when any amendment, change, addition or clarification is deemed necessary. In such event, you will be notified by the Company of the changes through postings on its website and/or through other appropriate means. By using Our Services after such changes have been notified by such means, you are deemed to have agreed to the changes in the Privacy Policy.

6. Cookies

Our website may use cookies (small data file that is saved a user’s device when the user visits a website) to improve the effectiveness of Our Services to you. You may able to turn off cookies on your browser; however, switching off cookies may restrict your use of our website.

In addition, the Company may use analytics and statistical tools including Google Analytics to improve the effectiveness of Our Services to you. Cookies information may be provided to such tool providers for the purpose of analytics.

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7. Disclaimer

Our website may provide links to other websites which are not operated by the Company for general information purposes. The Company will not be liable for any loss or damage whatsoever arising out of your use of any linked website