How Short Term Staffing Helps Business Continuity

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Workforce planning is a continuous process. Irrespective of whether you have a project in hand or not, workforce planning must be engaged. This strategy is utilized by businesses to anticipate the labour needs and ensure deployment of the workers in an effective and efficient manner. The needs and the priorities of the business must be in alignment with the availability of the resources. The objectives of the organization are executed seamlessly when workforce planning is set in place.

One of the most important ways to implement strategic workforce planning is to look at the short term as well as the long term goal. The action plan has in mind the allocation of resources for both short as well as long term projects. The purpose of this is to ensure that the business has an adequate supply of resources with the right skill, knowledge and experience.


It does not matter what the industry is or what precisely the business does. The primary goal of any executive is to ensure business continuity. The revenue versus the costs are by, and largely predictable and will be controlled in a better manner when the workers stay on task to ensure pre-determined production levels day in and day out.


The success of any business rests on staffing. Corporates in various fields manage the staffing requirements in a manner that is both cost-effective as well as in alignment with the business objective. The importance of the committed and permanent staff for the business to continue cannot be emphasized upon enough. At the same time, it is vital for the management to bring in hired resources to help ensure that there is no gap.

When resources are hired, they are usually to fill in for requirements related to short-term projects. This short staffing can provide economical and customized solutions to the business and can make up for the lack of such skills in the organization. It would not make sense to bring on board a resource that might not be of value to the company in the long run. Hiring short term staff is a prudent strategy to ensure that the deficiency is filled.

A pervasive error made in the field of human resources is to overlook short term projects and save up resources for the big deals. This has two negative impacts.

The loss of business of short term projects Inefficient utilization of the resources that are being put on bench in case a long term project is accepted.


Hiring short-term staff helps reduce acute workload pressure. Specific skills that are required for short term projects or short phases of a long term project can be hired Temporary staff can bring on board essential support to produce optimum results without adding to the financial burden of the staffing portfolio. The option of hiring short term staff enables you to expand your horizon and take on new projects that you would ideally reject because of staffing deficiency. Provide the right talent at the right time to the client by arranging for just-in-time resources. Organizations can save inventory by hiring short term staff You have the flexibility of extending the term of the temporary staff in case of requirement.

We at Future Focus Infotech have analysed the various reasons why a project comes to a halt. It more often than not boils down to the resources. The skills and talents required for the project are specific and cannot be replaced easy. So, when the unexpected takes place, the project is hit. The unexpected could be

If you are short staffed If your company does not have the specific skill-set If the resource is suddenly rendered unavailable
Keeping in mind this critical factor, the following methods can be adopted to ensure that business continuity does not get affected.

Bench Loaning: When your project requires talent and skill for a short period of time and you do not think you need to hire an employee to complete the activity, Leave Replacement: When the resource is on leave for a short time and is expected to return back soon On-holiday job: When you need an urgent resource in a remote location and are unable to find staff on a short notice
Using short term staff bring in ample benefits for the organization. Implement your business smoothly and ensure business continuity. Forward-thinking companies ensure staffing for different lengths and ensure that the business continuity does not get affected in the process. That is the trend that strengthens the human capital resiliency of the business. Connect with us to know how you can bring in a skill set just in time for your project. You can also ensure that the unutilized resources in your business get a good temporary project to bring onboard

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