A Simple Travel Insurance can Save you a World of Pain

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Do I need tickets to get on a plane? Does a pancake need eggs? Do My Overseas Employees need International Travel Insurance? The answer to all the questions is the same. Yes. Travelling without insurance is not only irresponsible but also a very dangerous endeavour. One might think that it is an unnecessary expense as in all likeliness, nothing will go wrong. The question is, what if? Would you send your employees overseas without sufficient backup?

One should think not. Let’s talk about how travel insurance came about in the first place. With a story at that. Nothing drives home a point like one. Please note that the names are changed to protect the identity of the person.

Alice was all set to proceed on her annual vacation to Bali. She was working onsite and was meeting her family there. She had booked a three-day cruise for the entire family. But she did not anticipate her family to be unable to make it to the venue because of a snow-storm back at home. She had to forgo the cruise. No point in making it alone now, is there? She could not reschedule as she could not take much time off from work again.

The only reason she managed to get back home without losing her mind was that she was smart enough to have taken travel insurance for the whole trip. That included a refund in case the flight was missed due to unavoidable reasons. Everything fell in place, and she lost a lot less than what she would have had she not taken the insurance.

The point is that no matter how planned you are, there is simply no way to predict just about everything that could go wrong. This travel insurance that you take is a pretty good fail-safe strategy that could protect you from a significant loss.

Have you wondered when this all started? This concept?

This is not a modern concept. It was started close to 150 years ago. Like any other insurance, there was a lot of scepticism around it before it picked up with sudden vigour. Being in a strange land and facing unexpected expenses without no proper resources, travel insurance has now become almost compulsory for any kind of trip – business or pleasure.

International travel insurance is used to cover travellers for a specific range of problems that might occur during the travel within a specified region. Different types of coverages can be combined to protect your employee. A good travel insurance agency will work towards providing high-quality care and ensuring a smooth transaction in case things do not go as planned.

The reason why travel insurance must be taken is straightforward and logical. More often than not, insurances such as health either have very little coverage or none when the insured travel beyond home boundaries. Travel insurance will cover not only the employee but also your company from incurring emergency expenses that could not only impair the project but also increase the budget multifold.

When you send an employee overseas frequently, it makes sense to purchase a multi-trip plan as opposed to the regular single-trip coverage. Do note that travel insurance is not applicable to cover long lengthy trips.

Travel insurances help you handle both medical expenses and financial losses at you might incur during travel. It helps with logistics, covers the cost of the care and ensures connection with the right centres to provide the necessary facilities. Over many years, the concept has evolved tremendously and has begun to cover various aspects and probable events. There are different types of travel insurance available today. These policies are taken irrespective of the purpose of the travel. 1) Health insurance 2) Trip cancellation 3) Loss of items due to theft and other reasons 4) Kidnapping 5) Terrorism 6) Natural disaster 7) Missed reservations 8) Cancelled flights 9) Lost baggage 10) Accidental death / flight accident

Please note: this is not an exhaustive list.
The insurance will pay for the losses incurred due to the above incidents. Take note that there are many conditions involved. For example, be wary of an agency that overprices their insurance. Take a look at the reputation of the company before you purchase a policy from them. Consider all possible events before you pick your cover.

Globalization has led to employees being deployed for both short-term and long-term projects. A growing workforce and expansion of the business lead to international travel. A successful business trip is more than the completion of the project. It includes a hassle-free journey with no unnecessary complications.

Not all business interactions go the way they are planned. Many hurdles can be expected by an international traveller. When things go wrong in a foreign country with no sufficient backup, it is prudent to ensure that both the business and the employees are protected and covered.

– Mitigate against unexpected emergency expenses
– Ensure that your employee is taken care of at all times
– Having travel insurance means the logistics during emergency situations is taken care of
– All paperwork is efficiently handled by the travel agency in places where the employee has no other backup
– Travel beyond the borders of the home country with no fear

Awareness of the concept and the magic of the internet has projected fears in dramatic ways. Today, various agencies provide this insurance. You can now compare prices and purchase your own policies online. The boom in the industry has increased competitiveness thereby reducing expenses. Insurance premiums have now reduced to an affordable level. It is not only less expensive today to purchase insurance, but the overall value has also improved as well. The number of add-on options that are offered by various travel insurance agencies can confuse you. But the peace of mind that accompanies with the policy is priceless.

We, at Future Focus Infotech, offer many value-added services from which you can pick what you need. Guide to accommodation. Pick up from the airport and familiarizing with the local areas and essential destinations such as the bank and the market. And of course assistance with respect to International Travel Insurance. We are here to guide and support you with everything that you need when you live in a strange land with new customs and traditions. Protect yourselves and your overseas employees from almost anything. It is worth it.

Stay ahead of the game. That is the key. Simplify international expansion. Make your global growth goals a reality.

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