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The famous quote: When in Rome, do as the Romans do, is a profound and philosophical one. And yet a practical one at that. Qatar is one such location that needs to be given special attention to before relocating there. Expats may either find moving here wonderful or really difficult. But if you know the do’s and don’ts in Qatar, you can have a really fantastic time. Statistics say that over 500 expats arrive here daily. So, Qatar has become the home to a multitude of expats who have moved lock, stock and barrel for work and riches. The numbers are truly staggering. Let’s see what brings so many people to Qatar today.

What to know about Qatar

Living in Qatar can bring you an amazing cultural experience. You can explore and appreciate the ways of living in a new country and make the best of it by giving Qatar a chance.

Pros of Qatar
World’s most prosperous country concerning per capita income
A very high and admirable human development
breathtaking desert landscapes and beautiful beaches
Highly entertaining location with souks, parks and museums
Improving visibility and popularity thanks to the country hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup.
With the world cup comes the incredible job opportunities, advancement in technology and communication and the revenue that they bring.

Qatar Expat’s rules

Being a traditional country, there are a few rules that any resident would have to follow irrespective of their religion. From the expat’s point of view, it might be a little hard. However, it is a sign of respect to the locals when the visitors abide by the rules of Qatar. This is a show of understanding and appreciating the different cultures and traditions thereby increasing the bond between the two.

Requirements during entry and exit
Entry points by land: Sauda Nathil and Abu Samra.
By Air: Doha International Airport.
By Sea: ports of Doha and Mesaieed

There are a few points to be kept in mind during entry and exit. Medical exams are a must for all long-term visitors and residents. A copy of the passports must be carried with them at all times and cannot exit without sought permission in the form of an exit visa from the employer or sponsor. Do not travel abroad either, even if for a short trip, without the consent from the boss.

Also, note that unhealthy people are denied entry. Stay healthy and gain entry.

Regulations by customs
Items such as alcohol are strictly prohibited during entry. Things such as garments and carpets will be liable to duty. A special permit is required for items such as ammunition.

Traffic laws
Short-term residents are required to obtain an international driving permit before arrival. Vehicles over 5 years cannot be imported into the country. Drinking and driving lead to a substantial penalty.

Consumption of smoking/alcohol/drugs has several restrictions. Offenders will be subject to long-term imprisonment and hefty penalties.

Dress code and public behaviour
The customs and traditions of Qatar demand that the expats follow the dress code while in the country. An inappropriate dressing is offensive and will call for serious implications. No display of shoulders and knees. Flouting dress code is a strict no-no.
Physical display of affection is strictly prohibited. The moral police are never far away.

Religious tolerance exits but to a certain level. Expats are permitted to follow their religion as long as public order, morality and sentiments are not affected. This is a sensitive issue in the country and offenders will be prosecuted.

Moving to any country has its pros and cons. Take the disadvantages with a pinch of salt, and you have got yourself a beautiful future in Qatar. With Future Focus Infotech as your Global Employment Partner, get to know Qatar like you know your hometown. Make use of everything they have to give you and bring your organization to the global stage. Qatar has everything going for it today. Join the party and be part of the glory and fame that it can give you.

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