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Ganesh Duraiswamy
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Future Focus Infotech (FFI) is partnering with Alyne, Germany in a Global Strategic Reselling and Implementation partnership.

Alyne is a unified RegTech SaaS platform offering a unique way to unify and manage organizational risk controls and management.

Future Focus Infotech will be offering a unique proposition to their customer base by leveraging Alyne’s extensive Risk Control Library to proactively tackle today’s nature of cyberattacks that are constantly challenging or defeating the key investments made on the security infrastructure.

Organizations today are grappling with more cyber security challenges and risk exposures than ever before. The key point often overlooked is having robust organizational risk controls in the first place.  Controls, that can automatically identify and map risks based on the nature of your business. A unified system, that can continuously quantify and map out maximum risks, thus making an organization risk-aware always, providing an edge of adequate time to mitigate or defend from security adversities that can happen without warning.

While most organizations view regulatory and compliance certifications as short-term or periodic necessities, it overlooks the fact that the standards were born and designed out of a necessity to keep organizations safer – continually.

Most existing risk-control measures revolve around a spreadsheet-based solution that needs to factor 1000s of variables and risk buckets as tickets to allow for some traceability. The efficiency is diminished and the cost to operate all of these solutions adds to significant amounts that accrue over the years.

By representing Alyne, FFI is committed to helping organizations unify and manage risk identification, quantification, control, compliance, and continuous risk coverage through Alyne’s ever-growing platform of:

  1. 1137+ Controls,
  2. 1017+ interlinked risks associated with Control Statements,
  3. 85+ Control Sets,
  4. 59+ Assessment templates for 49+ different standardslaws, and regulations pre-mapped

Alyne’s continuously updated and extensive platform will help to provide FFI’s customers with integrated risk simulationsrisk impact analysisrisk assigningticketing, and APIs to work seamlessly with their business workflow and cyber security strategy.

In addition, FFI offers end-to-end services through managed offshore and onsite cyber risk management, risk mapping, risk profiling, risk quantification, risk control, and risk compliance CISO services to your complete coverage and satisfaction.

About Alyne

Founded in 2015 with the vision to build technology that is easy to use and simplifies risk management, Alyne now operates globally to provide extensive capabilities in managing Cyber Security, Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance processes through a Software as a Service platform.

Alyne’s technology is powered by industry experts and enables risk and assurance professionals to easily understand complex data and gain actionable insights, through its powerful Content Library, Assessments, and Risk Reporting features – mapped to relevant standards, laws, and regulations. Keep your organization at the forefront of Cyber Security, Risk Management, and Compliance with Alyne as your mission control.

About FFI

 Future Focus Infotech is a 23-year-old IT Consulting, Services & Staff Augmentation organization with operations in India, the Middle East, and the US. FFI is part of the $1.2 bil market cap en Japan group. Through the Parent group, FFI has access to the APAC and Far Eastern markets, thus making it a truly global player.

Committed to the highest standards of Corporate Governance, FFI has been successfully delivering Customer Delight to a wide spectrum of customers across continents and counts a marquee list of organizations amongst its clientele. With 3000+ employees and an extensive Partner Network, FFI is able to offer customized solutions that reiterate its focus on Customer Delight delivered Consistently.

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