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Suresh Vasantha
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  • Industry Vertical: Insurance Broker
  • Domain: Property and Casualty (PL/WC)
  • Duration: 13 years
  • Team Size: 3 to 6
  • Technology: SAP Lumira, SAP Crystal Reports, SAP WEBI, SAP Dashboard, Universe, ETL
  • Platform: SAP BOBI/BODS
  • Methodology: Iterative

BI testing and Dev are great ways to manage the enterprise dashboards and reports. The BI testing works in understanding and analyzing the various graphical data so that efficient business decisions can be made at the end of it. The Dev testing is set to combine development and testing so that it would be easier to achieve software development. So, BI and Dev testing is the right choice for resolving issues related to the BI reports and dashboards.

The client was looking for a way to enhance the portal. The main objective was to display the BI based reports and the dashboard more with the drill down capabilities. Moreover, the client wants to make the reports and dashboards available for all the school districts, municipalities, super pool, hospitals and JPA.

Technical Challenge
The challenge was overloaded, and it was to be addressed at the earliest. There was a necessity to benchmark the performance of ‘how am I doing?’ reports. One of the significant challenges was changing the current reports so that they could drill down the hierarchy and showcase data and graphs at every level. Moreover, necessary reports are to be framed to use Sales Force structure.

The challenge looked tremendous, so the iterative approach seemed to be the best solution. A BI team was formed, keeping in mind the competency and clear goals. Then the team decided to work with the DWH BI lifecycle and solution model to address the challenges. Moreover, they were set to develop and implement the rich feel of dynamic dashboards to enhance the portal seamlessly.

QA Team Achievements
After the development and implementation stage, the team was set in testing. The aim was to achieve success in the testing, and the team was able to test more than 180+ reports at that time for the systems and integrations. Moreover, testing was also initiated for security and performance for every major release.

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