BenefitBridge Phase 2

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Kumar Singaraj
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  • Industry Vertical: Insurance Broker
  • Domain: HR
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Team Size: 4
  • Technology: C#, .NET Core, MVC, SQL Server, Telerik UI controls, SSRS, 3-Tiers
  • Platforms: Web
  • Methodology: Agile

The QA and development are worked independently and simultaneously. As the development team works on features, it would move to the QA for the testing process. So, the QA and development team go hand in hand and work together in bringing out the success of the system. Both these two processes play a vital role in the creation of software and technology. The process adds an added advantage to the system making it an essential part of the technology development process.

The new technology had changed the aspect of the existing one. So, it was necessary for the client to rewrite the existing BenefitBridge application according to the new technology. The purpose of this would be to connect carriers, employers and enroll the employees for the benefits.

Technical Challenge
The challenge that awaited the client was the migration of the new version to the existing code. The main reason for the initiation of the migration was that the new version was developed in a phased manner. Moreover, there is also dependency on the existing code. Another challenge was posed for the end-users. They would have to learn about the new UI at the earliest. Moreover, they should also get familiar with both the UIs so that they can work efficiently for a certain period of time until the new version is entirely replaced with the code.

The initial process was to rewrite the various applications and the decision support systems that were a great help to brokers, employers and employees to work with the complex system. Then moving forward, the next step was to rewrite the logging and feedback system. This is for the purpose of finding errors and anomalies and correcting them at the earliest possible.

QA Team Achievements
The entire team was able to gather and document the domain-specific test cases. The test cases were a success as they tested the systems and the integrations. The team could now conduct performance and security testing on every major release in the system.

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