Cloud Migration Services for an e-commerce Application

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Kumar Singaraj & Seshan T
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  • Industry Vertical: Last-mile Delivery
  • Domain: e-commerce
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Team Size: 7
  • Technology: AWS, Python, PostgreSQL
  • Methodology: Iterative

Cloud operations offer a great helping hand in managing cloud operations in a secure way. The operations check on the entire services round the clock to monitor the smooth functioning of the processes. The operations offer services like cloud migration, cloud database migration, application modernisation, cloud architecture services, cloud pilot designing and cloud maintenance. These services take care of the entire migration process of the databases and ensure a complete and structured way of maintaining the cloud infrastructure.

The challenge was pertaining to the field of the last-mile delivery industry. The client is looking for a way to re-architect the PaaS of the AWS cloud platform and the last mile delivery platform through the various services offered for maintaining the cloud system.

Technical Challenge
The client was posed with a challenge in the cloud platform leading to so many disruptions. Their platform contained multiple services, which were an obstacle that involved various integrations. They faced another major challenge: re-architecting the Platform as a Service (PaaS) and then relocating it to a multi-tenant and cloud platform. This was for the sole purpose of seamlessly managing the performance and cost optimisation.

After careful consideration and analysis, the approach chosen to work on the challenges involved the methodology of iteration. They used tools like AWS, PostgreSQL and Python to handle and work on the platform. Attaining the high availability, they decided to compute the instance optimisation, autoscaling and load balancing. Moreover, they initiated migrating the database to the cloud platform and scaling the policies. The metrics were set down and were constantly checked on its process. They also began to deploy continuously in various environments to manage the system process.

Project Outcome
The hustle of the hectic process gave way to a satisfactory and positive outcome. The load balancing seemed to be a little low; however, after the cloud operations, the load balancing managed twenty times peak loads than before, which was a tremendous improvement. Earlier cost optimization was also a hurdle in cloud operation. But, with this process, the cost optimization was computed to 75% from earlier.

The databases were used at an optimal level because of the high availability and security. There were no more delays in the deployment, and it also resulted in zero downtime. Moreover, there was constant tracking and monitoring of the entire platform to ensure that the services were maintained efficiently.


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