Application Enhancement, Maintenance and Support

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Seshan T
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  • Industry Vertical: Life Insurance
  • Domain: Health
  • Duration: 13 years
  • Team Size: 9 to 15
  • Technology: VB, ASP, C#, .NET, SQL Server, MVC. WEB api, Boo, XSLT, XML
  • Platform: Windows
  • Automation Tools: Squish
  • Methodology: Agile

The Support and the QA team work individually and come together only for specific circumstances. When the application has issues, then the support team and the QA team would get in touch with each other to resolve the issue. The QA conducts the necessary tests and works on the issues brought by the support.

The main objective of the project is to work and give a lending hand to the employee benefits application that was developed in Microsoft technologies.

Technical Challenge
There were massive applications consisting of 120 screens and 30 modules. Moreover, another hassle was that it consisted of nearly 1000 users and 20,000 everyday batch operations.

The initial process was assigning a solid technical team to manage the entire application process. They were assigned to get a clear view of the application code so that they could provide constant and daily support in regards to the SLAs. Then the QA team was formed to automate the regression testing cases.

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