Cloud and DevOps Optimization

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Kumaresan K
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Industry Vertical: Banking & Finance
Domain: Fintech
Duration: 12 months (ongoing)
Team Size: 25
Technology: DevOps (Terraform, Docker, Kubernetes, Jenkins), AWS, C#, MongoDB & MySQL
Methodology: Iterative

DevOps automation is one of the critical processes that need to be followed for every DevOps optimization. Automation is necessary for DevOps as it not only monitors the application but also generates the code to help in the production. With the DevOps automation tools, one can seamlessly maintain the IT infrastructure of the organization.

The aim is to attain cloud and DevOps optimization. However, it is necessary to process test automation with automated deployment to attain this.

Technical Challenge
The client’s challenge was complex as the present infrastructure was multi-tiered, with various products that had both internal and external integrations. Moreover, the architecture of the infrastructure was quite complicated. It had technology that had induced the latest tools as well as the 20-year legacy tools that made the entire process a little complicated.

Future Focus Infotech’s team did in-depth research and maintained the infrastructure. Moreover, they also automated and optimized the workflows. Then the necessary tools were built for the purpose of UI and API test automation. These tools were built for various products. To attain automation entirely, the CI/CD pipeline was laid.

Project Outcome
The huge success was the complete maintenance and optimization of the infrastructure. Moreover, most of the development teams received great support functions in the enterprise. After the implementation of the test automation, the deployment was reduced immensely than before and has led to faster time to market. Moreover, the applications seem to have been seamlessly developed and deployed after the automation workflows. The maintenance was the hectic trouble that was addressed in this process. There is constant tracking and monitoring, and if there are any issues in any of the services, the client can get alerts and notifications to resolve the issue beforehand.

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