Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many questions from our clients and job seekers about a variety of topics involving technology, careers or business. This page contains a collection of the answers to the most common questions people ask us at FFI. (Click on a question to read its answer)

What are the advantages of working as Consultants over Regular Employee?

Taking into account people’s different likes, attitudes and skills, the “perfect job” is a myth. Much the same, there is no perfect combination of relationships between employers and employees.

Here are some points to consider when choosing the working relationship right for you:

  • Consultants generally earn higher salary. Consultants, both those working independently and those working for an agency or service generally earn higher salary than the regular employees. In return for this advantage, however, comes the likelihood of less favorable non-salary benefits, like medical coverage or retirement savings plans. While these non-salary benefits are critical to some employees, others gladly exchange these options for higher salary..
  • Consultants generally learn more new skills. Consultants are often called upon to complete work that is either too complicated or specialized for companies to complete themselves, or that is critical and needs to be finished quickly. Either way, the consultant is often in a great position to gain hot new skills more rapidly than direct employees may be. Permanent employees, however, may be more likely to truly become experts in a single area within a company.
  • Some consultants do not have payroll taxes deducted from their salary. This gives them instant access to all their earnings for the purposes of investing or spending. This, of course, does not mean that they do not incur the same tax liability. In fact, a disadvantage of this payment method is the increased work and burden placed upon the individual to track, withhold and pay all of his or her applicable taxes.
  • Consultants are highly in demand during times of economic expansion. Consultants are often needed to work in areas where growth is occurring and where existing talent is short. This works in the favor of the consultant, as they frequently seem to be “in the right place at the right time.” When the economy slows, however, or even when an individual company’s performance slows, consultants may be the first employees to feel the pinch. Historically, during these times, troubled companies retrench and focus on their more basic needs. Permanent employees’ futures may be more secure in these instances.
  • Consultants have the opportunity to work with many different types of organizations in many different capacities. These experiences can accelerate career advancement and offer greater flexibility for future employment down the road. Permanent employment with a single company, however, also has its advantages. These employees may develop a fondness and commitment to their employer that is unknown to the highly mobile consultant. This employee commitment and loyalty is, for some, the most important aspect of their careers.

How do I benefit from a temp job?

FFI works with more than 100 leading Indian and multinational companies for IT related requirements. And we have been doing it for over a decade. So we are confident of finding the right job for you.

A temp job can be beneficial if you:


  • Prefer taking up a job on a contract basis
  • Are interested in working part time and also pursuing higher studies.
  • Are looking for a exposure in various industries by taking different contracts
  • Are looking at a stepping stone into permanent employment.

Please go through the elaborate response to the next question below.

Do I have to pay any fee to Future Focus Infotech, if I get a job through you?

No, the candidate does not pay any fee for this service.

As a job seeker, how can I get a job with Future Focus Infotech?

You may kindly visit Active Jobs section for job opportunities available with us. Alternatively, you may get in touch with any of our locations for suitable positions.

What is the procedure once a candidate gets selected?

After the final selection by the client, the candidate is offered a contractual agreement with Future Focus Infotech for the related project / contract period. The candidate accepting the offer is given induction and reporting instruction to join the client project after complete verification of all records. Appointment order is issued by FFI once the candidate starts the client assignment. The candidate on accepting the appointment will be subjected to the terms of the contract and rules of employment with FFI. As for the assignment, he/she will be subjected to day to day supervision by the client.

How is a Consultant selected for a contractual job?

The client shares resource requirement for specific skills with sales team of Future Focus Infotech. The delivery team of FFI sources suitable profiles that are shared with client after rigorous background verification. The candidate goes through client specific selection process that may include tests and interviews and if successful, gets finally selected.

What is Contract staffing?

Contract staffing, more popularly known as Temp Staffing or Temporary Staffing, is a three-way relationship between FFI, Corporate clients and FFI’s consultant. The consultant in this relationship is an employee of FFI, deployed & working on a project, usually at client site. The consultant is moved from one assignment to another based on project needs and consultant’s preferences of Domain, Technology, Geography etc. FFI takes care of employee welfare and project performance, jointly with the client’s project team. Employee welfare would include all regular HR development efforts like trainings, appraisal & reallocation.

What is the business of Future Focus Infotech?

Future Focus Infotech Private Limited (FFI) is one of India’s leading Staffing Solutions Company. Primarily we offer contract staffing services to IT clients. To know more About Us, visit the Services section on this site.