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Our clients are the centre of our universe. And this is how they feel about it.

Congratulations Future Focus Infotech and the entire team on the 25th Year of Anniversary


What Our Clients Are Saying

Our clients are the centre of our universe. And this is how they feel about it.

Harsh Dubey
Workforce Management, IBM

Congratulations, It is a very significant milestone for FFI as it has completed 25 years of establishment…
FFI has provided great support…and FFI has helped us to deliver in some of our critical client needs.

Ravish Kakkar
TCS-Nokia Global Services

Future Focus deserves a hearty congratulations on their silver anniversary in the industry. I've been working with the Future Focus Team for almost a decade for my client, and it's impossible to explain how fantastic a group of people they are in a few words. From top to bottom, I've worked with almost every department. It was a fantastic experience on every level, whether in terms of delivery, value, or everything else. They always held our hands, and together we achieved several millstones that no other organisation could have completed. I wish you luck in your future endeavours; I believe you still have a lot of room to grow.

Vivek Manoraj

Would like to congratulate Future Focus Infotech on this milestone to have weathered the storms and stood the test of time for 25 years. Wish you many more years of productive success in all domains of support you render to your many clients. Its been a very active engagement with Future Focus Infotech thus far for me and certainly one of my go to partner for my vertical. I look to open my acct with Future Focus Infotech with an onboarding and many more to follow, as we live in a data driven world and as someone rightly remarked ”In God we trust. All others must bring DATA.”

Supriya Singh

Many congratulations to you and Future Focus Infotech for completing the milestone of 25 years and I wish many more successful years to come. I am very much glad to work with you as a one of your client as I have got very good support in these many months . you have shown good dedication towards giving your best to my all the demands and where ever we have given you the feedback to work more also have been improved . I am really looking forward to have more business from future focus in coming years and I am sure they way you and your team is putting the effort you guys are going to get so many achievements.

Manish Chandrashekar

It has been great working with FFI…the support has been steady…we’ve had timely acknowledgment and responses for our queries and requirements which is of utmost importance to us since time is of the essence here. Warmest congratulations to FFI on achieving 25 years in the industry, which we all know, is not an easy task.

Rohan Kaushik

Congratulations to Future Focus for completing 25 years, I am sure this is going to be a long journey with many such milestones in future. Wish all the best to Future Focus and team!
As a partner its was always a excellent experience to work with Future Focus as company and specifically with highly talented/motivated/Customer centric team, which represented Future Focus as an organization.

Indira Bisht

Its great to be associated with Future Focus…the resume quality and follow up is incredible and helps a lot in closing requirements asap, Pls keep up the good work.

Sachin G. Shenoy
Tech Mahindra

Hearty congratulations to the entire FFI team on completing 25 long and successful years in the industry, which we all know and acknowledge is no mean feat!
It has been a wonderful experience working with you over the past year or so – appreciate your agility, promptness, commitment and dedication to providing quality resource profiles across varied skillsets; more importantly at the right price and time. Your outreach across India is excellent!
You have helped us immensely to scale up at pace in the last year. A big thanks from Tech Mahindra; and we are looking forward to working with the FFI team more closely in the coming years. In this ever changing VUCA world, we are glad to have a reliable and trusted partner like FFI. Cheers to many more years of successful relation!

Manish Raibhandare

We have been working with Future Focus from past 3years now. Impressed with the team, go to team for me anytime…whenever I need them to close critical requirements they were “be rest assured we will close this with lesser TAT”.
Thanks for all the extended support, all the best to Future Focus and team… looking forward for same kind of energy and association

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