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This requirement is valid till 05-04-2020

Required Skills:

  Oracle DBA
Location:  Mumbai
Domain:  Banking & Financial Services
Qualification:  Any Degree
Experience:  2-4 yrs.
Job Description with Roles & Responsibilities: 

-     Managing Devices and Databases, User Accounts, User Access Rights

Database activity monitoring at user,object, transaction, session and archive file levels

Database, table-space, data-file, red log, roll back, striping, spreading, partitioning, archive log management

Oracle instance management

Replication of database

Data Backup & Restores

Importing and Exporting Data

Monitoring Database Server, Database health check and reporting, performance monitoring & provide inputs required for tuning


-                     \\\\r\\\\nManaging processes


-                     \\\\r\\\\nManage the size and file of the database\\\\r\\\\nschema objects


-                     \\\\r\\\\nCreation of database users and granting\\\\r\\\\nnecessary privileges and roles implementation of new database features as per\\\\r\\\\nthe need of the bank and as per the predetermined schedule agreed  between bank and IBM, on approval from bank\\\\\\\'s\\\\r\\\\ndesignated official


-                     \\\\r\\\\nEstablishing client software and\\\\r\\\\nconfiguring database connectivity. Applying Oracle software patch as provided\\\\r\\\\nby the bank. Distributed database configuration, Job scheduling


-                     \\\\r\\\\nIndex rebuilidng, Analyzing Indexes and\\\\r\\\\ntables


-                     \\\\r\\\\nDatabase backup and recovery


-                     \\\\r\\\\nCreate/maintain daily scheduled\\\\r\\\\ntasks/scripts running on server.

Skillset:  ORACLE DBA L1



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