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System Admin Megha

This requirement is valid till 03-02-2022

Required Skills:

  Windows Admin
Location:  Mumbai
Domain:  IT & ITES
Qualification:  Any Degree
Experience:  1-5 yrs.
Job Description with Roles & Responsibilities: 

Ø  Installation and configuration of Red Hat Linux OS and suse Linux OS

Ø  User Administration- Adding a New User, Deleting any existing User, Locking a User, Unlocking a User, user modification.

Ø  Enabling Password less authentication

Ø  User migration from one server to another.

Ø  Network Configuration- Assigning IP address to a system(Static and DHCP), Assigning and Changing Hostname

Ø  Configuring teaming and bridging (nicbonding)

Ø  Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting.

Ø  Kernel Up gradation - Downloading a new version of kernel and installing it while keeping the older kernel as it is.

Ø  Crontab Scheduling-Scheduling a crontab to take daily backup of any system

Ø  Configuring and managing YUM, SAMBA, ISCSI, LDAP (client), FTP, HTTP, servers.

Ø  RPM (Red Hat Package Manager) Installing and removing packages with RPM. Upgrading any existing package with RPM.

Ø  Installation and Configuration of Web Server

Ø  Installation and configuration of Ftp Server for user data transfer.

Ø  Backing up Server data base using tar, scp, rsync etc.

Ø  Basic knowledge of multipathing.

Ø  Up gradation of OS and security patches

Skillset:  System Adminstrator-Windows and Linux


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