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devops engineer 4+ yrs

Required Skills:

Location:  Bangalore
Employment Type:  Contract
Experience:  6-8 yrs.
Valid Through:  30-04-2018

Job Description:


JD Responsibilities: •    Maintaining the CI/CD tools and pipelines for many complex platform components for multiple clients •    Adhering to current automation processes as well as identifying areas to improve with additional automation, with some emphasis on scripting/coding •    Working with development teams to ensure best-practices and standards are met in the areas of Configuration and Release Management •    Taking ownership of customer-facing projects, working with project managers, building out new environments, promoting the application and database changes through the SDLC, and finally handing off to the operational support teams Experience : 6-8 Year Overall Experience Primary Skillset : Bit Bucket, Jenkins, Ansible Detailed Skillset: 1) Maven - 3+ year experience having extensive knowledge of - i. Snapshot ii. Release iii. Dependency management 2) Nexus/Artifactory (or any Maven repository) – 3+ year experience with knowledge of i. Repo mirroring ii. Virtual/proxy repos iii. Local repos and groups iv. Configuration 3) Subversion (and/or GIT) – 3+ year of experience with extensive knowledge of i. Revisions ii. History iii. Internal structure and implementation of trunk/branches/tags iv. Command line clients v. GUI clients 4) Jenkins/RunDeck – 3+ year of experience with knowledge on a. CI/CD integration with all tools b. Configuration 5) Linux System Admin skillset – 3+ year of experience with a. Bash/shell scripting 6) Database – 3+ year of experience with a. Basic SQL queries 7) Infrastructure a. Firewall rules b. Load balancing algorithms and best-practices 8) Standards and Best Practices – 5+ year of experience with a. Configuration Management b. Release Management c. Continuous Integration d. Continuous Deployment e. Source Control trunk/branch/tag management f. Automation


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