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This requirement is valid till 21-05-2019

Required Skills:

  Data Center Operator
Location:  Mumbai
Domain:  IT & ITES
Qualification:  Any Degree
Experience:  2-4 yrs.
Job Description with Roles & Responsibilities: 

§  Loadingthe Media into Tape Library.

§  Unloadingthe media from Tape Library.

§  eTOCupdating for Loading Unloading.

§  Mediamovement Register updating.

§  Sendingmail confirmation to authorized requester after Loading & Unloading.

§  PSMeTOC Activities Validation.

§  Verifyingthe media arranged in fire safe.

§  PreparingPSM Daily Sign Off.

§  TakingDC lead approval on Daily Sign Off.

§  Validatingdaily eTOC activity with Media Movement Register.

§  OffsiteMedia\'s Movement.

§  OnsiteMedia\'s Movement.

§  Sendingmail to Authorized Partner for media movement.

§  Co-ordinatingwith Partner for media movement.

§  Preparingchecklist & MMF & Gate Pass for Offsite Movement.

§  UpdatingeTOC For Offsite & Onsite Movement.

§  WeeklyMedia Movement Tracker.

§  TeamRoom Artifact Validation. 

§  PSMCall with PSM Team.

§  PSMUtilization & Bad Media Validation.

§  CWPUpdating for Account.

§  PreparingMedia & Key Handling Form Quarterly.

§  Takingapproval from SDM & DPE for Media & Key Handling.

§  RequestingAuthorized requestor person for Loading & Unloading for Quarterly.

§  Takingapproval from SSO Lead / DPE for Authorized requestor person.

§  RequestingAuthorized requestor person from customer/Partner for Onsite & OffsiteMovement for Quarterly.

§  Media& Key Handling Validation.

§  AccountCompliance Declaration.

§  Unaccountedmedia validation.

§  AuditIDR\'s.

§  PSM& eTOC Education session attendance Quarterly.

§  AllSites Internal Media Reconciliation Validation.

§  FollowUp with all stake holders for approvals on Media Reconciliation.

§  PSMWork Instruction Revision & Roll Out.

§  AnnualMedia Reconciliation Validation & Approval.

§  SiteWalk Through Points Review & Closure.

Skillset:  Data Center Operator


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