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Exploitation Analyst (Pen Testing)

This requirement is valid till 28-01-2020

Required Skills:

  Application Security
Location:  Trivandrum
Domain:  Engineering Automobile & Manufacturing
Qualification:  Any Degree
Experience:  3-10 yrs.
Job Description with Roles & Responsibilities:  •    Conduct and/or support authorized penetration testing on enterprise network assets
•    Perform penetration testing as required for new or updated applications (web and mobile)
•    Collaborate with other internal and external partner organizations on target access and operational issues
•    Conduct independent in-depth target and technical analysis including target-specific information (e.g., cultural, organizational, political) that results in access
•    Maintain awareness of advancements in hardware and software technologies (e.g., attend training or conferences, reading) and their potential implications
•    Communicate new developments, breakthroughs, challenges and lessons learned to leadership, and internal and external customers

Skillset:  Preferred Skills
    Expert skill with manual and automated vulnerability assessment tools and techniques
    Expert skill with manual and automated penetration testing tools and techniques
    Expert skill with Microsoft, LINUX, and Macintosh operating systems
    Expert skill with virtualization software tools
    Expert knowledge of scripting languages

Must Technology Skill
    Expert knowledge of computer networks and protocols
    Expert knowledge of TCP/IP, IP subnets, and network interfaces
    Expert knowledge of cybersecurity principles
    Expert knowledge of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities
    Expert knowledge of operational impacts of cybersecurity lapses.
    Expert knowledge of conducting vulnerability scans, recognizing vulnerabilities in security systems and exploiting the weaknesses
    Expert skill in assessing the robustness of security systems and designs
    Expert skill in mimicking threat behaviors
    Expert knowledge of the use of penetration testing tools and techniques
    Expert knowledge of the use of social engineering techniques
    Expert knowledge of conducting application vulnerability assessments
    Proficient in performing impact/risk assessments
    Expert ability to apply programming language structures (e.g., source code review) and logic
    Proficient in written and verbal communication with technical and non-technical audiences

3-5 years of professional experience of penetration testing experience


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