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AIX and Storage lead with TSM

This requirement is valid till 06-08-2021

Required Skills:

  AIX,IBM Storage Admin,IBM Tivoli,
Location:  Mumbai
Domain:  Insurance
Qualification:  Any Degree
Experience:  3-5 yrs.
Job Description with Roles & Responsibilities:  Providing onsite L3 AIX and L2 Storage and TSM support to customer.� IBM AIX, DS5000, DS3500, DS 3524, NetApp monitoring and sending reports to client.� Working on issues occurs in production, while deploying and configuration of different products.� Works with teams and vendors for complex issues.� Meet or exceed performance goals as outlined by Management.� Investigate and Help IBM Support to reach DATA center in Hardware Failures.� Providing LUN�s to AIX, Windows, Cent OS.� LINUX(CentOS), Management and administration.� Installing new LPAR, as per the request from Customer.� Assigning LUN�s from storage to server in a dual VIO environment.� Creating zoning on brocade switches, between server and storage.� Handling HMC(Hardware Management Console) to DLPAR operation for critical activities.� Configuring new server in monitoring tool(SNAPPIMON).� Creating zones, Monitoring Replication between PROD and DR and Troubleshooting.� Taking regular system backup using MKSYSB and volume group backup using SAVEVG utilities� Performing incident management, Problem management and change management.� Checking AIX Server OS hardening.� McAfee Antivirus installation on CentOS servers.� Installing new hard disk�s on existing NetApp storage.� Creating new array on IBM storage for installing new hard disks.� Creating new aggregate on NetApp Storage for installing new hard disks.� Creating shared folders in NetApp filer.� Maintaining resource allocation reports for all AIX servers.� Releasing space from existing server in a dual VIO environment, as per the client request.� Migrating the database over the different servers.� Maintaining weekly(Dash Board) and Monthly (MIS) reports of all AIX servers and storage devices� Maintaining shift roaster and managing the engineers.� Verifying the reports and checklists from Database and Batch teams.� Coordinating with Data Center team�s for Amber light status and system status.� Attending meetings with Customer, regarding On-going and Up-coming activities in site.Aix � L2�AIX Logical Volume Manager � creating volume groups, logical volumes, file systems, etc., resizing file systems, working with mount points such as changing mount point for file system.�Migrating logical volumes, mirroring vgs and lvs, copying logical volumes, export and importing volume groups�TL updating and APAR, fix installation, and patch update on AIX and devices on requirements basis and on customer specifications.�Creating User, Group home directories and password administering.�Installing new software / filesets, packages and other third party applications when required by the developer or business.�Taking regular system backup using mksysb and volume group backup using savevg utilities.�Creating /removing paging space, checking paging space usage and increase/decrease if required.�Scheduling jobs using crontab � editing, removing and checking cron logs�User and password administration, OS Hardening and working with security related settings�Attending daily issues such as filesystem management, housekeeping, checking disk usages etc�Creating LUN on storage and assigning LUN to LPAR.�Monitoring all server\'s through client customized�Creating Mirroring and alternate disk on Volume Group.�Knowledge on OS Installation and Booting Procedure.�Knowledge on PAGING SPACE.�Have a good knowledge about LVM concepts �File system Concepts and Management.�Analysis of error Messages.�Knowledge about BACKUP AND RESTORE.�Knowledge about scheduling process using crontab, at and batch.�Knowledge about user administration And Security related task.�Knowledge about Configuring NFS Server and Clients mounting the NFS file systems. �Monitoring the system, CPU, memory and disk utilization using topas, Vmstat, netstat �Monitoring and managing processes Using PS and KILL and FUSER Commands.�Configuration of SAMBA Server i.e. Communication between Two unlike Servers.�Knowledge on Real Time 3rd Party Tools Installation like bash, SSH and JAVA.�OS installation through NIM and NIM Configuration and Define Clients on NIM.�Creating MKSYSB backup of OS.�Providing storage LUN�s from IBM SAN to UNIX and Windows servers.�Deleting LUN�s from Storage side.�Creating Host Group in storage, as per the customer requirement for new servers.�Checking the health status of Brocade switch ports every day.�Zoning between new servers and storage devices with the help of WWN�s.
Skillset:  AIX and Storage lead with TSM


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