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Required Skills:  Networking
Location:  Pune
Experience:  1-3 yrs.
Last Date:  21-01-2017
Job Description: 

common networking concepts andterminology. Implement and troubleshoot basicIP addressing and subnetting schemes. Describe the concepts associatedwith switching in a LAN environment. Describe the concepts associatedwith route selection and packet switching and the different methods and protocols used to achieve it. Describe the fundamental concepts associated with transport layer protocols. Explain the OSI model and its functionality in computer networking. Explain the basic components ofa LAN and WAN. Identify the key characteristics of common WAN configurations and technologies. Define and explain LAN design. Install, configure and troubleshoot Cisco switches. Perform, verify and troubleshoot initial switch configuration tasks including remote access management. Explain the concepts of switching and the benefits of using switches in a network (frame forwarding,VLANs, STP, VTP, trunking, inter-vlan routing). Compare and contrast hubs and switches and their effects on (1) broadcast domains and (2) collision domains. Perform upgrades or restore Cisco switch IOS and configuration files. Verify the operational status of a Cisco switched network. Explain the concept of VLANs in a Cisco network Additional Description


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